Group: Goran, Ruben Perez, Noah Dawson, Samantha Williams,


Nuclear Energy is both natural and man-made. The Sun and stars are made of natural nuclear energy while we use power plants to make this kind of energy. We have converted this energy into destrutive weapons.By Ruben Perez

Only 30 years ago, nuclear energy was futuristic technology, the subject of experimentation and far fetched ideas. Today, nuclear energy is America's second largest source of electric power after coal. More than 110 nuclear energy plants supply more electricity than oil, natural gas or hydropower. Since 1973, they have saved American consumers about $44 billion, compared to the other fuels that would have been used to make electricity. Since our electricity system is interconnected, practically every American gets some electricity from nuclear energy. In addition to the economic benefits achieved through the use of nuclear energy, there are environmental benefits as well. There are, however, various drawbacks caused by the production of electricity through nuclear power. Although there are various risks involved when using nuclear energy as a source of power, we argue that the benefits greatly outweigh any potential problems that may arise. By Ruben Perez

Nuclear Energy Use Worldwide

Natural nuclear waste can come from both the sun and the stars, which make heat and light by nuclear reactions.

Man-made nuclear energy machines called nuclear reacters which are a part of nuclear power plants, produce electricity for many towns for many uses. a good site with alot of information. describes the future uses of nuclear energy

By Goran Zdravkovic
Advantages : Most nuclear power plants do not require alot of space.It is the most concentrated form of enery.

Disadvantages:One of the most disadvantages is that a possible disaster can happen which would cause a meltdown

By:Samantha William
On December 2, 1942 a discovery was made by a scientist named Enrico Fermi. He found Nuclear Energy while he was working on a concealed project with his team underneath the bleachers of a football field at the University of Chicago.

By:Samantha Williams