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Geothermal Energy Project

What is Geothermal Energy?

Geothermal Energy is heat generated deep within the earth that can be collected to provide energy and a form of electricity. It is a renewable source of energy. There are four main types of geothermal energy:

1. hydrothermal

2. geopressure

3. hot, dry rock

4. magma

Why is Geothermal Energy a renewable resource?

Geothermal Energy is considered a renewable resource because rain is constantly falling to the earth, and the heat inside the earth is always being produced. Once geothermal energy is used it is send to a well that leads to a reservoir and is re-heated, and re-used...

How does Geothermal Energy work?

**Deep within the earth** there are hot rocks that heat water to give off steam. After holes are drilled and this steam and water is "captuerd" it is purified and used for energy. After purification the steam is lead into pipes that go to a turbine. The steam causes the **turbines gears** to spin, creating power...

Who uses Geothermal Energy?

Today geologist drill wells in geothermal areas to bring the hot water to the surface. The energy obtained from the geothermal activity is used to bring electricity to geothermal power plants...or it is saved for other things that do not need electricity. Geothermal Energy is also used to heat hot water, and heat swimming pools. Another way people use it is for heating their homes and greenhouses.
The most well known source of geothermal activity is in the western part of Hawaii. There are also some hot spots in places like: North & South Dakota, the Atlantic coast, Arkansas and Texas. Most of our geothermal energy is produced in California, Hawaii, Utah and Nevada...

Where is Geothermal Energy found?

Geothermal Energy is from heat generated deep within the earth. When magma rises close to the earths surface, it's heat is collect and turned into water; which makes a type of goethermal energy. Some geological features that show geothermal energy at work are: volcanoes, hotsprings, gysers, and fumaroles. Most geothermal energy is found along plate boundaries where there are many earth quakes and volcanoes...
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What is Geothermal Energy all about?

· Geothermal Energy is basically heat that comes up from inside the Earth in liquid/water form or as steam.
· Geo and thermal (therma) are two different words that when put together mean something different. Geo means Earth and thermal (therma) is also a Greek word that means heat, so geothermal is heat that comes from the Earth.
· Us humans trap the geothermal energy that comes from the Earth and create electricity to light and heat homes and other buildings.
· Geothermal energy is considered to be a renewable resource because water is replenished by rainfall and there is heat being continuously made from the Earth.

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The Future of Geothermal Energy

1. Many people think that geothermal energy will be close or even our main source of energy in the United States because it is a very clean and most supportable energy system.
2. This is also a big possibility for the future because the cost of retrieving and holding this energy is declining.
3. Other than the declining costs, over the past few years geothermal energy plants have been becoming more and more competitive with the new conventional fossil fuel – fire power plants.

4. The estimated geothermal resource in the United States is about from 95,000 Megawatts and 150,000 Megawatts.
5. About 22,000 Megawatts of the resource is reliantly usable for electric power generation.
6. Since costs are decreasing and thanks to state and federal support, geothermal development is probably going to increase and in the next ten years, new geothermal projects are expected to incline U.S. capacity to between 8,000 MG and 15,000 MG.

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