Energy Resources Project
In this unit we have listed and discussed several renewable and nonrenewable resources.In this group project, your group will learn more about a selected resource and create a wiki page on the information you find.

There will be both an individual grade and a group grade.The group grade is based upon the quality of the wiki page.The individual grade will be based on your participation in posting information to the wiki page.That grade is worth 30 points… you are REQUIRED to post AT LEAST 6 items to the wiki as an individual.Make sure you sign in with the appropriate username to get full credit!


You should answer the following questions about your resource and source of energy.You should have at least two statements about each question.
  • ·What is your resource all about?
  • ·Why is it a renewable or nonrenewable resource?
  • ·How does the energy source work?
  • ·Who is using it?
  • ·Where is it found?

You also need at least four pictures of your energy resource
You should include at least two links to websites, videos or other references

You must include a title for your wiki page.Make sure you also include the names of all group members.
All components should be written in your own words.DO NOT cut and past information word for word.


This project will be worth 50 pts.It will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Statements that answer the questions in #1 = 25 pts
  • Required Pictures: 8 pts
  • Links: 8 pts
  • Title and Names: 5 pts
  • Required Format – No cut and paste, organized, everyone submits informationetc… :4 pts

In addition, there will be a 30 pt. individual grade for your posting information to the wiki.For full credit, you must contribute at least 6 things to the wiki